Style Forum:

What makes a good shoe and why they cost so much

Labels, heels and nail patterns – secrets to ID the maker

On pants

Shoe care supply checklist

How to measure for eBay

Books on sartorial matters

Shoes explained

A tale of two shoes: fixing a pair of Bruno Maglis photoessay

The OCBD collar roll thread

The watch porn thread

The umbrella, cane, riding crop and miscellaneous accessories porn thread


High armholes

How to distinguish a full canvas suit from a fused suit

Pictures of nice gloves

Second life for a suit

Rock your socks – show your sock, shoe & pant combos

Shoe damage report & porn central

Shoes with character

Briefcase porn thread

The Anderson & Sheppard expatriates thread


Spoils of Napoli

The Rubinacci thread

Style comparison: Rubinacci vs. Attolini vs. Castangia

Jacket porn

My visit to Napoli & Mina @ Napoli Su Misura

Show us your Chan

Deconstructed fashion plate

Bootmaker’s journey into shoemaking

Shoefan’s adventures in (DIY) shoemaking — part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

My adventure in DIY bespoke shoemaking

Shoe antiquing

The ultimate ”hardcore” shoe porn thread (bespoke only)

Hong Kong tailor report

My balmoral boots (eBay Northampton shoe guy)

Ask Andy About Clothes:

What separates Crockett & Jones from Edward Green?

Canvas, half-canvas, etc. explained

The London Lounge:

The Neapolitan shoulder explained

The spalla camicia – some more thoughts

What is drape?

Three different tailors – three very different bespoke suits

The myth of the soft shoulder

Roman and Neapolitan styles

Photos of recently commissioned Rubinacci suit

Film Noir Buff:

When bespoke wishes and fabric dreams go wrong

Anderson & Sheppard dissected

English Cut:

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