Gammalt, borttaget inlägg med näsduksinstruktioner från Tweed in the City:

Opinionated pocket square theory

Some opinionated but absolutely unimpeachable advice for pocket square success:

1.)  Your pocket square and jacket should look like they’re making hot, messy love to each other.  Your shirt and tie should look like they’re watching and enjoying it.  If that doesn’t clarify things enough, simply remember that a pocket square needs to both clash and blend in approximately equal parts–like really good sex.

2.)  Patterns should be of a type and scale that don’t occur in ties, shirts, or jackets.  This means avoiding small-scale patterns and polka dots, glen plaids, herringbones, etc.  Large-scale, baroque patterns might seem loud and challenging, but they are often the easiest to pair.  I’m not saying that a polka-dotted square can’t look good, just that it is less versatile than one might imagine.

3.)  FFAFF: fancy folds are for fools.  If there is a step-by-step guide for how to execute a particular fold, the fold should be avoided at all costs.  There are only two ways that actually look good: the low-profile puff (for silk), and the the crisp TV fold (for linen).  Neither requires instruction.  Points should never, ever show.  Ever.  I will ban you from my blog.

4.)  White linen looks okay with everything but a white shirt.  If you can’t figure out what non-white square to wear with a white shirt, go with cream silk.  Cream silk works well with nearly everything, whether tweed or a dinner jacket.

5.)  Match tweeds to silk, wool, or cashmere, but not linen.  Match worsteds to anything.

6.)  You don’t have to wear a pocket square.  If you can’t make it look right, ditch it.  Nothing looks worse than a guy who obviously got up in the morning and thought to himself: “Today is the day I wear a pocket square!”

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