A Suitable Wardrobe:

”Forget sevenfolds, fivefolds, twelvefolds and any of the exotic necktie constructions in the marketplace. Unless he spends his time examining the insides of his neckties, a man cannot tell one from the other. There are really only two kinds of quality neckties in my opinion, and those are the lined and the unlined threefold.”

”There are but two principal styles of necktie construction, and the thing they have in common are round folds at the edges. Ties that have been pressed flat and lifeless are the sign of poor quality irrespective of the price of the tie.

For myself, I like both constructions. Interlining lends itself to the heavier woven silks, and that is the domain of the English. Printed silks are lighter, and that is consistent with the unlined style. But three folds of either is enough. Forget about folds.”

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